A.C. Firefighters rescue 50 people trapped in casino elevators

Posted May 27, 2013 by Eric Morales
Memorial Day visitors to Atlantic City got more than they bargained for after 50 patrons got stuck in two separate elevators.
Atlantic City Skyline
Atlantic City Skyline
Atlantic City CVA
Atlantic City firefighters had to fly into action to get patrons of Revel Resort out of stuck elevators, not one but twice, in two incidents that occurred an hour apart from one another.
Shortly after 1:30 am, 22 people were reported trapped in an elevator at the resort and spa on the boardwalk.
Firefighters approached the elevator from several floors above the trapped elevator, cutting off electricity to the elevator and prying an elevator door open, before lowering a 35-foot ladder into the elevator shaft. Four firefighters attached to safety harnesses then lowered themselves down the shaft and began the arduous task of bringing close to two dozen people up out of the elevator.
“I’m sure a lot of the people weren’t crazy about climbing up a dark ladder in an elevator, and not in a nice environment with all those cables and grease,” Atlantic City Fire Chief Dennis Brooks told the local press. “They were probably scared if the elevator moves. They were probably a nervous wreck. Our guys did a pretty good job assuring them they’ll be all right.”
According to the Press of Atlantic City emergency medical personnel assessed each of the rescued patrons and determined that no one was injured.
An hour later it was déjà vu, as 28 people were again stuck in another elevator. The high number of people in both elevators may well be an indication of why the elevators got stuck in the first place.
"Common sense would tell me they were overloaded. … If I had to guess, that seems logical, but it could have been something else, something with the power or the connections.” Chief Dennis Brooks stated.
In Atlantic City the Fire Department has to conduct five or six elevator rescues a year. The Revel Resort did not respond to any media inquiries for comment.