Interview with country singer Matt Austin Special

Posted May 26, 2013 by Markos Papadatos
On May 23, rising country singer-songwriter Matt Austin chatted via phone with Digital Journal about his new self-titled six-track EP.
Michigan country singer and songwriter Matt Austin
Michigan country singer and songwriter Matt Austin
Courtesy of Mars Photo, design by Mike Raffin
He is the president of his company, Austin Music, LLC. “I am doing really well as an independent artist,” he said. “I am a business owner and I look at it as if I am starting a small business. Music is such a passion of mine. I live, eat, drink, sleep and breathe music. I am always thinking about how I will move forward.”
Prior to crossing over to the country genre, he had a musical background in blues and rock.
He noted that his video for the song “Big Black 4wd” was filmed in Michigan and one of its scenes was shot inside an old building.
Matt revealed that his personal favorite song at the moment is “Country Kind.” “I also feel that ‘That's What Loves Made Of’ would become a hit on national country radio. It has a good meaning and sound to it. I think it’s a great song and it has the potential to be a single. That’s one of my favorite songs too,” he acknowledged.
Regarding his plans for the future, Matt remarked, “I will be a part of the biggest annual country music festival in Detroit, Michigan, next weekend. After that, we have a really busy summer with big festivals, which is really exciting.”
In addition to his musical endeavors, Matt is a husband and a father to three children.
On balancing a family and a music career, he shared, “Although it is tough, I have a wife that is really supportive and understanding. She helps me out most of the times and that makes a big difference.”
For more information on Matt Austin, his new EP and touring schedule, visit his official website.