Video: Elderly lady reunited with her dog after Oklahoma tornado

Posted May 21, 2013 by Anne Sewell
Among so much devastation from the horrendous mile-wide tornado that has ripped through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, there is, at least, some good news as an elderly lady and her dog have survived the storm. Updated.
Barbara Garcia is overjoyed to find her dog had survived the tornado.
Barbara Garcia is overjoyed to find her dog had survived the tornado.
Video screen capture
Moore resident, Barbara Garcia has been preparing for the tornado since she moved into the neighborhood 45 years ago.
Garcia tells CBS News' Anna Werner, that she had a game plan all through the years to go into a little bathroom in the house with her little dog when a tornado occurred.
She sat on a stool in the bathroom, holding the dog, and the stool apparently started rising up from the floor. At that time the electricity went off. After the tornado stopped, she found herself lying in the rubble and shouted for her little dog, but he didn't answer. She tells the interviewer that he is in the rubble somewhere.
Speaking of the tornado she says "It was there, and then it was gone, and it was light." She found that she was OK, although she had some rubble on top of her and managed to wriggle out.
When asked what she thinks of the wreckage surrounding them, she says "This is life in the big city."
As the interview continues, suddenly someone cries, "The dog, the dog!", and her lost pet sticks his head out from under the rubble of the collapsed house.
Garcia, overjoyed, helps the dog out of the rubble and cries "Bouncy, oh Bouncy, bless your little bitty heart!" She says that God's answered both her prayers, as she had survived and so had her dog.
If anyone would like to help animals hurt and lost during the tornado, there is a cause running.
On a sadder note, the Facebook page of the Oklahoma Country Sheriff's Office tells the tale of a little dog who wouldn't move from the spot where he was found. It turned out that the little dog was standing guard over a deceased individual, possibly it's owner.
The dog has been taken to a shelter and the deputy who found the pup plans on adopting him, if possible.