Senior citizen accused of running hooker ring from old age home

Posted May 15, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A 75-year-old man is being accused of running a prostitution ring from an old age home. He is also accused of promoting crack cocaine use.
Window at Guelph Jail
Jail's barred window
Stephanie Dearing
According to Daily Mail, James Parham was one of three who were arrested after being accused of on-going prostitution and drug use at the Vincente Tibbs Senior Citizen Building, located in Englewood, New Jersey.
According to NY Daily News, police were called to the complex after a surge of calls from residents who complained about activities that were going on in the complex, such as a surge of alcohol and drug addicted visitors.
According to NBC, Arthur O'Keefe, the Police Chief, said that Parham employed a mix of older residents as well as young women, and he ran the hooker ring through his apartments.
O'Keefe said that sex and drug use was going on in some of the complex's common areas, and some of the residents were afraid to go into some areas because they were scared for their lives.
Parham pleaded not guilty in court and told the judge that if he was running a prostitution ring, then he would have money.