Op-Ed: Fighting the cuts in Bromley

Posted May 15, 2013 by Alexander Baron
Bromley is the largest borough in London, and one of the wealthiest, but it's not-so-wealthy, especially the disabled, are being targeted the same as everywhere else.
No. 246 bus outside Bromley South Station.
No. 246 bus outside Bromley South Station.
Kake Pugh
It seems everyone is fighting back against the cuts, including the disabled. In November 2010, the domain was registered. The home of Disabled People Against Cuts has some interesting reports and links. It also has a page dedicated to what it calls Charity Watch. Unlike many people including politicians, the folk running DPAC realise that many big so-called charities are first and foremost well-funded bureaucracies that provide jobs for the boys (of both sexes), while any benefit to their professed causes is a secondary or tertiary consideration. Some have also been found to be collaborating with the Government's austerity campaign, if that is not too strong a word.
DPAC is also participating in a "benefit justice campaign" in the Bromley area. This includes an onslaught on the unpopular "bedroom tax". On May 30 there will be a public meeting in Croydon as part of the lobbying effort against this in the two boroughs.
Leaflets advertising it have appeared in Penge and doubtless elsewhere.
Full details can be found on the DPAC site.