Watch police arrest of British fugitive Andrew Moran sunbathing

Posted May 13, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
In a dramatic raid Spanish police arrested one of Britain's top-ten most wanted men, Andrew Terence Moran, 31, while sunbathing leisurely with his girlfriend at a luxury villa in Spain.
Spanish police arrest Andrew Terence Moran
Spanish police arrest Andrew Terence Moran
Police tracked down the notorious fugitive four years after a daring escape from the courtroom dock at a criminal trial in Lancashire.
Moran of Salford, Greater Manchester, was one of a gang of robbers who, armed with guns, machetes and a baseball bat, stole £25,000 from a Royal Mail van at an Asda supermarket in Colne, Lancashire, May 2005, the BBC reports.
According to the Daily Mail, during the robbery, a security guard, James Hankinson, was threatened with a gun and machete.
Moran was sipping cocktail and relaxing under the Mediterranean sun with his girlfriend Gena Harview, when armed police officers pounced on him. The Daily Mail reports the Spanish officers were members of the elite anti-terrorism unit, the Special Group of Operations.
The dramatic video footage shows officers surrounding his home in the resort of Calpe near Alicante. The officers creep up on him from behind the fence.
Moran leaps up to a roof by the poolside in the attempt to escape, but agile police officers catch up with him, grapple him to the ground and handcuff him.
Two pistols, about 60 rounds of ammunition, a machete and mobile phones were found in the villa.
According to the Daily Mail, after he was arrested, a police source said: "Moran was regarded as a very dangerous man – as his access at different times to different firearms clearly demonstrates. He was taken by surprise because he was lounging around the pool with his girlfriend, obviously thinking all was well. I hope he enjoyed his cocktail because it should be the last one he will be having for quite a while."
The BBC reports he staged an incredible escape during his trial at Burnley Crown Court in February 2009 by vaulting over the courtroom dock and taking to his heels after assaulting four officers guarding him. The trial continued in his absence leading to his conviction.
He fled to Spain, remaining constantly on the move, assuming false identities, changing his name, growing his hair and a mustache, and wearing spectacles to evade capture.
Police nearly caught up with him last year but he escaped by staging a dramatic getaway in his 4X4. He rammed his vehicle into police cars and escaped by driving furiously and dangerously against a fast highway traffic. Police recovered a handgun, ammunition and 5 kg of marijuana from the house in which he lived at the time
The Daily Mail reports he appeared at Spain's Central Criminal Court for extradition hearing.
His arrest was the result of collaboration between the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the north-west regional organised crime unit (Titan) and Spanish National Police, according to the BBC.
Matt Burton, who heads investigations at SOCA, said: "Moran thought he could evade capture by fleeing to Spain, frequently changing his appearance and using false identities. Like his partner in crime, Devalda, and the other armed robbers on the hit-list discovered, though, there’s no hiding place. SOCA and its partners have the capability to pursue criminals relentlessly and put them behind bars."
Detective Chief Inspector Janet Hudson added: "It just goes to show that we will stop at nothing to capture criminals wherever they are in the world."
According to The Huffington Post, in March 2011, police extradited to Britain another member of Moran's gang, Stephen Devalda, 29. He was arrested at a hotel in the southern resort of Marbella in Spain.
Devalda was sentenced to nine years and eight months in jail for armed robbery and seven months for jumping bail.
With Moran's arrest, police have detained all seven members of the armed gang.