Barbara Walters to announce 2014 retirement

Posted May 13, 2013 by Layne Weiss
Longtime ABC news anchor Barbara Walters is set to announce Monday morning on "The View" that she will retire from journalism next summer. Walters created the daytime talk show in 1997.
Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters is one of the few older women in the news industry and talks about sex comfortably on The View. She has also related details about her own sex life that continued past mid life and that includes vibrators.
Christopher Peterson
Until next summer arrives, she will continue to work as usual. She'll report for ABC and anchor the "Barbara Walters Specials." Shee'll appear on and continue executively producing "The View"
, The Associated Press reports.
"It's time," Walters, 83, said Sunday, according to The NY Times. "I keep thinking of the line from 'Cabaret'' she said. 'When I go, I'm going like Chelsea. When I go, there's not going to be any, 'Please can I have another appearance?' I don't want to do anymore interviews. I don't want to join any other programs. I'm not joining CNN. This is it."
Barbara Walters has spent 37 years with ABC News, The AP reports. She joined the network in 1976 to become the first woman co-anchor of an evening news program when she joined ABC "Evening News."
Three years later, she became a co-host for the news magazine show, "20/20."
Walters has had many memorable interviews throughout her career. Some notable examples include Fidel Castro
, Israeli Prime Minister Menchem Begin and Egypt's President Anwar Sadat.
She was known for her more lighter interviews too, ABC News notes. She's interviewed Brad and Angelina as well as every United States President and First Lady from the Nixons to the Obamas.
ABC News President Ben Sherwood said of the longtime journalist, "There is only one Barbara Walters. We look forward to making her final year on television as remarkable, path-breaking and news-making as Barbara herself.
"We look forward to a year befitting her brilliant career," Sherwood said. "filled with executive interviews, great adventures and incredible memories."