Review: Debunking ‘feminist’ nonsense on YouTube

Posted May 13, 2013 by Alexander Baron
For years, the misnamed feminist movement has been indoctrinating women with its at times outrageous propaganda. Now this is being exposed and refuted, and many of those engaged in the enterprise are women.
What was that David Webb said back in the 1970s? “Individual freedom is daily being eroded in this feminist extremists who...wish to force their...repressive, authoritarian demands... on everyone else. Parliament has hitherto paid heed to these...dangerous factions out of all proportion to the numbers they represent or the soundness of their logic...”
Webb was talking specifically about sexual censorship, and not only about feminazis; you can read the full quote here.
The point he was making remains valid though, namely that powerful political lobbies seek to change the way society works to conform to their own Weltanschauung by influencing the government, and many of them are not too concerned how they go about it, including using manipulated statistics, shaming language, appeals to emotion, inflammatory rhetoric, quoting out of context, or simply lying through their teeth.
The manipulation or even the manufacture of statistics is a classic way of bolstering a spurious argument. Let's take the gender pay gap. We all know this is both real and a terrible problem, right? Here's a young girl endowed with good looks and brains in equal measure explaining from an American perspective how legislation to tackle this non-existent problem would not only make things worse for women but add to government spending by creating more useless bureaucracy. Marc Rudov makes the same points as well as some others in this interview with somebody called Susan. Listen to what he says about average salaries, and about Mary J. Blige thumping her husband in a night club.
Here's a dude from the UK taking apart the nonsense of objectification, and here he is again knocking down the ludicrous concept of patriarchy.
Two months ago in Feminism versus FACTS, this commentator made some telling observations on feminist research, in particular that research it ain't.
Here is an extremely controversial video that was uploaded six and a half years ago. Not all feminists are Marxists, and fortunately not all of them are monsters, but it is disturbing that so many of them appear to revel in ugliness, none more than the late Andrea Dworkin.
More controversial even than the mythical rape culture that is alleged by some to permeate the campuses of American universities is the issue of domestic violence. While it is difficult to take seriously - as suggested here - that many women batter their husbands, it is certainly true that in some relationships there is violence and animosity on both sides, which begs the question why do such couples stay together? It is also true that most statistics relating to domestic violence are unreliable (read fabricated), but at the end of the day there is a real problem. So what is the solution? What is most definitely not is the American Violence Against Women Act. Here is that cute American Libertarian chick again, tearing away the rhetoric to expose the reality. What she says about America is true about Britain and doubtless many other countries. Check out the website of the UK charity Refuge, and if you can navigate past the plethora of "give us your money" appeals on its HomePage, you will come to a somewhat broad definition of domestic violence according to which "The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual."
What precisely is financial violence in the context of a marriage?
Refuge does operate refuges, among other things, although interestingly some of them are said to be "culturally specific". Isn't that what they said about Apartheid, and what they still say about Occupied Palestine?
Back to statistics. Last September this thoughtful analysis of contrived rape statistics was uploaded. Most interesting is the explanation of the genesis of the myth of (American) rape culture. We've seen this sort of nonsense in other contexts; in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Alfred Kinsey produced some amazing statistics about the alleged extent of sexual perversion and degeneracy in the United States that have been cited by those intent on changing both the criminal law and our sexual mores, including lowering the age of consent with all the implications that would have for the young and vulnerable. Kinsey's statistical nonsense was taken apart by Judith Reisman among others, but is still parroted by those who refuse to allow facts to stand in the way of ideology, however perverted that ideology may be.
Contrived statistics are regularly used by race agitators in order to further their agendas; according to some, blacks have it even worse in AmeriKa today than they did sixty or seventy years ago, even though they are now to be found in the highest echelons of government, and business, in addition to the traditional entertainment and sport.
Returning to feminism, here is a rebuttal of the nonsense of endemic domestic violence from a UK perspective. The latest YouTube video to take a realistic look at domestic violence was uploaded only May 12. It is That Awful Woman, a 1987 documentary about Erin Pizzey, who founded the women's refuge movement. It is said to have been saved from the last remaining VHS copy, so the quality is not good.
The ludicrous statistics and other loony feminist nonsense such as equating pornography or even consensual sex with rape mask what are serious problems in our society, especially those relating to domestic violence. The truth appears to be that there is a hard core of repeat offenders - men who beat their wives, and there are also both violent women and what might be described as warring couples. Domestic violence is not spread equally throughout society, and with good reason. It may be that doctors and accountants beat their wives on occasion, but people tend to marry within their same social strata, if not class. Professional people marry other professional people, and a highly educated, professional woman who hooks up with a thug will generally realise her mistake before she ends up in the accident and emergency department, or if she doesn't, she won't return for an encore. Having said that, take a second look at this video ...Every 10 Seconds, in which Rebekah Wade (as she then was), she of Leveson Inquiry fame, assaulted her hard man husband, and was subsequently arrested. How many incidents of domestic violence result from something of this nature? According to feminist dogma, absolutely none, but happily a growing number of women are coming to see this nonsense for what it is, as many other videos on YouTube demonstrate.