GE's Roadshow For Growth visits Chicago, highlights investments

Posted May 11, 2013 by Michael Krebs
Continuing the 20-city bus tour in celebration of achievements in the middle market, GE Capital's Roadshow For Growth visited Chicago and highlighted the investment commitments the firm has made in the windy city.
 The Roadshow for Growth  bus tour
"The Roadshow for Growth" bus tour
Roadshow / Slate
GE Capital's Roadshow For Growth rolled into Chicago on Thursday to celebrate the windy city's middle market achievements and to further underscore the vision the company has for Chicago, a city that serves as a financial and strategic beacon for the middle market.
Infographic of the GE Capital middle market perspective in the Slate Roadshow For Growth program.
Infographic of the GE Capital middle market perspective in the Slate Roadshow For Growth program.
Slate magazine
The Roadshow For Growth is a 20-city bus tour content marketing partnership between GE Capital and Slate Custom, the internal branded content concern within Slate magazine. The tour began in Kansas City, Missouri and moved through St. Louis, Missouri and Elkhart, Indiana before arriving in Chicago.
GE currently has 1,500 employees in Chicago and 4,300 across Illinois. In May, 2011, GE committed to investing in jobs in Chicago and has since added 500 new jobs in the city.
"Chicago is a great place to build a foundation for future growth in the middle-market because Chicago is the financial hub of the middle-market," GE Capital Americas President and CEO Dan Henson said in a press release. "Adding jobs in Chicago allows us to better serve this market and creates tremendous opportunity for our current and future employees."
The Midwest has struggled from the economic downturn facing the nation, and Illinois jobless figures currently stand at 9.5 percent, according to the Chicago Tribune.
"GE is taking a lead role in strengthening the City's economy," Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated in the release. "As an industry leader and good corporate citizen, GE's presence further establishes Chicago as a world-class city."
Content from the Roadshow For Growth is being amplified in a centralized branded content hub on Slate and across specialized Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels - and additional Chicago-oriented topics covered include an info-graphic analysis of the city's middle market position; a deeper look at Chicago's emergence from economic malaise; and a report on Chicago's private equity influence in the middle market.