Webcam Goes Wireless: The Logitech QuickCam Cordless

Posted May 13, 2003 by Mike Drach
Leave it to Logitech to combine the power of a webcam with the convenience of a cordless. The company’s been coming out with wireless applications for many of their peripherals, so it was just a matter of time for them to produce the first wireless webcam.
Called the QuickCam Cordless, it communicates with your PC via radio waves that are picked up a receiver that plugs into a USB port. With a signal range of 75 feet that isn’t hindered by walls, the possibilities are endless: besides creating your own reality TV show, you could receive enhanced tech support at home, or get a cooking lesson from mom. With its built-in microphone, swivel base and wall-mount unit, it could make an excellent baby monitor or home security system.
The maximum resolution is 640 x 480 pixels, although it’s designed to sit still and is no replacement for a camcorder. It’s supplied with a main power adapter, which would limit its range, but it can also run off batteries.
The webcam comes with software that allows you to edit video, create Web albums, broadcast, create animations and send video emails. The QuickCam also allows you to add live video to MSN, AOL, and Yahoo! Messenger programs through its integrated software.
It looks stylish and is constructed from a solid aluminum body, a far cry from the cheap plastic trinkets that most webcam manufacturers offer. It’s fairly pricey, retailing for $395.95, but there should be plenty of people who’ll simply have to own one.