Video: Documentary film 'Venus and Serena' trailer

Posted May 9, 2013 by Can Tran
The documentary film "Venus and Serena," about tennis pros Venus and Serena Williams, hits theaters in the US on May 10. A trailer is available for viewing.
Promotional poster for the documentary film  Venus and Serena.
Promotional poster for the documentary film "Venus and Serena."
The documentary film called “Venus and Serena” is due to hit theaters across the United States. This is a documentary film that follows the life, career, and struggles of sisters Venus Williams and Serena Williams. For those that do not follow tennis, the sisters dominated the world of professional tennis. Also, both sisters are considered to be the face of African-American tennis players let alone female tennis players. Both sisters are also interviewed through the duration of Venus and Serena.
In short, this is a documentary that follows the personal lives of the Williams sisters. From what the trailer shows, this is a rather down-to-earth documentary that explores the realities of the professional sport and how the sisters worked hard to get to the top and be dominant forces in tennis. Venus and Serena, from Magnolia Pictures, will be released to theaters on May 10.
There's another trailer that is available for viewing.