Video: AK-47 gunman James Gilkerson fires at Middlefield officers

Posted May 6, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
Police authorities have released a dash-cam footage showing an armed man, James Gilkerson, shooting with an AK-47 style assault rifle at police officers who pulled him over at Ohio 608, near Pierce Street, Middlefield, Ohio, for a minor traffic violation.
According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, local police said they do not know why Gilkerson, 42, fired 37 shots at the two officers who pulled him over on March 10.
Gilkerson fired 37 rounds from an AK-47 rifle. The officers responded with 54 rounds, killing the man from Mentor-on-the Lake.
Middlefield Police Chief Arnold Stanko, said: "He got of the vehicle, intending to kill my officers. We don't know why he did it."
According to News Herald, police showed the dash cam video of the incident during a news conference.
Police officer Erin Thomas can be heard saying, "He’s hiding something."
She exits the cruiser and walks around the car to the driver's side. Officer Brandon Savage is in the driver's seat.
As Thomas approaches the front of the cruiser, Gilkerson exits his vehicle and fires at the officers with a FEG 7.62x39 ("AK-47 style semi-automatic rifle"), according to News Herald.
The video shows him walking away from his vehicle into the road as he fires.The officers return fire.
Savage fires from the car through the windshield. Gilkerson is hit. He moves back toward his vehicle, shouting "Kill me!" and drops to a knee with his gun still raised.
Savage: "Are you hit?"
Thomas: "Yes. You cover, I’ll call dispatch."
Savage fires again, hitting Gilkerson several times. The assailant drops.
According to News Herald, the shootout lasted only 26 seconds. Savage fired 29 rounds, Thomas 17 and Gilkerson 33. Nine bullets removed from Gilkerson's body came from Savage's gun.
Thomas lost a finger, while Savage suffered minor injuries to his left thigh.
Stanko said officers found eight 40-round magazines for the AK-47 and books in Gilkerson's car. According to Stanko, the books were "Backyard Rocketry: Converting Model Rockets Into Explosive Missiles," "Advanced Close-range Gun Fighting," "Homemade Detonators: How To Make Them." Another, according to Stanko, was a book about how to dispose of a dead body.
Stanko said: "He was a scumbag, and a terrorist, and he's dead."
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports police said they found no ammunition or books in the home Gilkerson shared with his mother.
Local police said Friday that they still do not have clues why Gilkerson fired at the officers.