Op-Ed: Radical feminazis not wanted in London

Posted May 4, 2013 by Alexander Baron
That noisy minority of radical feminists who blame men for all the evils of the world have been given a taste of their own medicine, now they're whining about it.
Union Jacks hanging in a London Street
Union Jacks hanging in a London Street
If you've never heard of radical feminism, you haven't missed much. It was radical feminists who were responsible for the recent Landen Gambill rape hoax at an American university. Like many so-called radicals, the radfems have a no platform policy for those they brand fascist. And racist. And sexist. And homophobic...the dots indicate that this list may be extended indefinitely.
If you are feeling depressed, you could do worse than visit the official RadFem website where you will find many books you can download for free. How about one called The Industrial Vagina? That must be good for a laugh.
Seriously though, recently the Rad Fems decided to hold their annual conference in London, but London decided otherwise.
RadFem booked the London Irish Centre for its conference, but this booking has now been cancelled. This left them fuming, including American attorney Cathy Brennan, one of their main speakers.
What can be said about that apart from déjà vu? The same thing happened last year with Conway Hall. Why has this happened?
As is often the case, the answer depends on who you ask. According to the Rad Fems, it is intimidation, presumably by the all-pervasive international conspiracy. No, not that one, the one run by men, all men. Well, apart from Elton John, and those few who don't lust after women's bodies.
Others though, including the London Irish Centre, claim there is another reason: transphobia.
Apparently, the conference was to exclude men - evil incarnate, of course - and transsexuals, in particular women who were born men. Heck, there must be many of them queuing up to attend. How many do you know?
According to some Rad Fems, only women who were born women count.
This shows a profound ignorance of human biology. Unlike some sexual perversions, transsexualism is not a lifestyle choice, indeed it is not a sexual perversion at all. Here is an interview with a transsexual, a woman who was born a man. In an earlier age, such people - although very few in number - were condemned to lives of misery. Nowadays as with conditions such as autism and schizophrenia, this is not the case. The treatment for this medical condition may be radical, but it appears to be effective. The treatment they still suffer at the hands of their fellow citizens is anything but. The Rad Fems would do well to bear this in mind, even if none of them ever deign to show up at their conferences to listen to the man-hating drivel spewed out by the likes of Cathy Brennan.