Cayenne outsells all other Porsche models combined

Posted May 3, 2013 by Kent Mao
The first quarter numbers are in and all looks well for Porsche. But much of the credit goes to the Cayenne, which made up more than half of all Porsche cars sold.
2013 Porsche Cayenne in Grey.
2013 Porsche Cayenne in Grey.
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
Between January and March, Porsche sold 19,658 units of their only SUV model, the Cayenne. On the other hand, combined sales of Porsche's more famed sports cars, the 911, Boxter, Cayman and Panamera, totaled to a mere 17,351.
Overall, sales were more than healthy, reaching €3,275 million in just the first 3 months of 2013. But the question remains: Why is an SUV outselling the most recognizable of Porsche's line up?
While there are a lot of things that can be said about the Cayenne, not many of them happen to be negative.
In fact, the Cayenne seems very well-positioned in the market for SUVs, which is evident from its 29% increase in sales over the previous quarter, even despite the fact that SUVs are quickly becoming an undesirable vehicle for any consumer with rising gas-prices in mind.
Then again, the Cayenne is definitely not targeted to penny-pinching drivers, who aren't likely to shell out $56,600 CAD for the base model, not to mention the fully-equipped 550hp Turbo S Cayenne priced at a whopping $166,600.
Indeed, one of the major advantages that the Cayenne holds over the stagnant SUV market is its affluent customer base, which, coupled with the sporting capability of Porsche engineering, makes the Cayenne a wholly unique and desired vehicle.
In fact, 0-to-60 in under 4.5 seconds for a car that weighs nearly 2 and a half tons makes BMW's M3 seem like a MINI Cooper in comparison. And with standard features as luxurious as a refrigerated glove compartment and a pollen-filtering air-conditioning system, the Cayenne competes directly with the Range Rover for the most aristocratic of consumers.
Still, the Cayenne wasn't the only source of sales growth for Porsche.
When combined, sales of the Cayman and it's drop-top cousin, the Boxter, rose by 157% since the previous quarter, reaching 4,452 in total units sold. The 911 also trended upwards by 19%, from 6,095 to 7,230.
The 911, you say? Now that's a Porsche.