Boston Bombing surprise: Officials say suspect unarmed in boat

Posted Apr 25, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
In yet another twist to the Boston marathon bombing, Associated Press reports that an official told them Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed when captured in a boat in a backyard. Dozens of reports had said he exchanged gunfire with police.
Boat in which Boston bombing suspect  Tsarnaev was hiding.
Boat in which Boston bombing suspect, Tsarnaev was hiding.
AP wrote that two officials told them Dzhokhar did not have a gun with him on the boat. This is surprising given the New York Times reported an M4 carbine and two handguns were found on the boat, that many news organizations reported the suspect exchanged rounds with officers and that other reports said his neck wound was self-inflicted. Further, Boston police and commissioner Ed Davies described a firefight taking place between the suspect and law enforcement.
If he did not have a gun, all of those reports, which have been taken to have been the truth since Dzhokhar's capture last Friday night, April 19, would be incorrect. There was audio of rounds fired that night and the boat was reported by multiple news organizations and police to be full of holes. If the officials speaking to AP are correct, all shots would have been fired by police.
There was no explanation from AP or the officials as to why law enforcement did not correct the misinformation earlier and didn't release an accurate account of Dzhokhar's capture.
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