North Korea denies US website claim over Boston bombing

Posted Apr 21, 2013 by Katerina Nikolas
North Korea has dismissed speculation postulated by the U.S. controversial conservative website WorldNetDaily that it was a possible suspect nation in the Boston Marathon bombing, slamming it as "false propaganda."
Boston: Boylston Street where the second bomb went off
Boston: Boylston Street where the second bomb went off
Rebecca Hildreth
Earlier this week WorldNetDaily posted an exclusive report raising the question "whether Pyongyang, as in some of its past terrorism, used proxies to carry out the attack in the U.S."
In the report F. Michael Maloof drew attention to the "history of a relationship between North Korea and al-Qaida" while pointing out the date of the Boston Marathon coincided with the "101st anniversary of the birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung."
Now it appears authorities in North Korea must trawl the Internet looking for media references to the Communist state. Korean Central News Agency issued an offical denial of involvement in the Boston bombing based on the WorldNetDaily report, NDTV reported. KCNA stated on Saturday "When the (North) feels necessary to strike the US, it would not resort to such heinous terrorism in hiding."
According to Free Republic the official denial from Pyongyang stated "We stress again that we have no links to al-Qaida, and by signing on to international anti-terrorism agreements, continue to maintain a stance against any form of terrorism