Rapper Joey Bada$$ announces new album title, Capital Steez tape

Posted Apr 20, 2013 by Layne Weiss
Rapper Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter Saturday to announce that the title of his debut album will be "B4.DA.$$" and will drop this fall. He also announced that Pro Era will be dropping a mixtape this summer called in "King Capital."
Capital Steez of  Pro Era  dead at age 19
Capital Steez of 'Pro Era' dead at age 19
PR / Pro E#ra
The mixtape will honor his Pro Era friend and collaborator Capital Steez who took his own life last year. King Capital is due out this summer, XXL Mag reports.
While the young rapper revealed some exciting news on his Twitter Saturday, things were a bit different just a day earlier.
The 18-year-old rapper came up with a conspiracy theory to explain the manhunt in Boston for the suspects in the Boston marathon bombings. "They just gotta make it look like they catching the bad guys," Bada$$ wrote on Twitter. "Don't be fooled."
Earlier Friday or very late Thursday, Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed. He was an inspiring boxer who had been quoted before as saying "I like the USA."
Joey Bada$$ just thought the whole thing was too ridiculous; Planting a bomb at the Boston marathon and then just staying there. "What kind of fool bombs a place and stays in the same area after the attack?" He asked according to The Boombox. Unless he wanted to get caught. Otherwise, this s** don't add up."
Joey may be right. It doesn't make any sense, and maybe it did sound stupid enough to be a conspiracy to others as well, but when Joey posted those tweets, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was dead and later that evening, Boston police would find and capture the second suspect, Dzhokar Tsarnaev.
It was also announced Saturday that Joey Bada$$ (along with Pro Era), A$AP Rocky, B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa and others will be touring together this summer.
While Joey Bada$$ wasn't off to think the Boston marathon bombers were stupid and crazy, the fact that he is sticking to making music, and not CIA or detective work, should make us all happy.