Op-Ed: Conspiracy cranks exploit Boston Marathon bombing

Posted Apr 17, 2013 by Alexander Baron
The dust has not yet cleared over the Boston Marathon, and already the usual cranks are crawling out of the woodwork to point the finger of suspicion at Uncle Sam. s Alex Jones's Alex Jones
YouTube screengrab
Hey, I just thought of a great joke: Why did the Obama Administration plant a bomb at the Boston Marathon?
The answer: Because although they could find four trained pilots who were willing to die for the New World Order, they couldn't find one who could dive bomb onto a trash can.
Okay, it's a bit soon yet to be cracking jokes over an atrocity that left three people dead, over a hundred and eighty injured, and countless lives destroyed. Anyway, humour is not my forte, but it's difficult not to laugh at these cranks who like Lieutenant Columbo, arrive on the crime scene and sus the murderer before lighting his second cigar, even if it does take him a little longer to work out the motive and method of killing.
In this case, the method is no secret, and Alex Jones knows the motive already, we all do, it was a false flag operation to use as a pretext for turning America into a police state (like it isn't already), and/or to point the finger at the Iranians, North Korea, or whoever the Washington warmongers want to attack next.
He may be onto something this time because look what happened when I tried to view one of the videos about this someone uploaded to YouTube. Perhaps Obama got onto the site and told them to pull it? Er, no, it's just a glitch. His own website is still working, and so are other Alex Jones videos that have been uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately.
Sadly, Alex (if they kill me they'll make me a martyr) Jones is only one of many; most of this Grand Conspiracy crowd are far less rational. Yes, I did say less. I just did a Google news search for the terms Boston and conspiracy; there were 13,200. By the same token there were 15,800 for "Bank of England", so there are nearly as many people peddling this nonsense as there are discussing our economy.
It is difficult to appreciate how deranged most of these people are until you actually cross paths with them. I had that unfortunate experience early this year.
As some of you may know, I run a website about the Chillenden Murders and the man whom I believe was framed for them. Certainly there is no evidence worthy of the name against Michael Stone. Earlier this year I received an e-mail from a guy who had visited this website and believed he had some information that could be of use to Michael Stone's legal team.
He phoned me and we spoke at length. Again as some of you may know, I and not a few others believe the real Chillenden Murderer is Levi Bellfield. So did my caller, he had a lot more to say though. Two years ago, Bellfield was convicted of the March 2002 murder of schoolgirl Amanda Dowler.
The victim's skeletal remains were found in woodland some 25 miles from where she was kidnapped, and my caller - we'll call him Mr L for Loon - says the police were intent on framing him for her murder. He became a suspect because he frequented the woods concerned, and was seen in them on several occasions. On at least one occasion, he was followed by an unmarked police car. That much I believe.
Then he was formally questioned by the police, but managed shortly to give them a rock solid alibi. He was on a cruise the day of the abduction. But, he said - there's always a but - if he hadn't been able to do this, they would have framed him for the murder. How does he know this? They told him so, though not in as many words.
The conversation continued about Bellfield, and he informed me that odious as this man is, he was used as part of a covert police operation, the purpose of which was to bring about a change in the law that allowed the police to bring charges and the courts to convict on no evidence at all - ie as they did with Michael Stone. Bellfield working for the police, I asked?
Yes, he said, he was one of a gang of psychopaths who were being encouraged to murder innocent people at random for this purpose.
By this time I had lost interest, but I mentioned by comparison the then recent Sandy Hook massacre. At which point he chimed in "Don't you believe in mind control?" Those were his exact words. I said thanks for calling, but don't phone back. After that I received an irate e-mail or two which accused me of being part of the plot.
This is par for the course, if you don't believe the nutter, it's not because you realise he's nuts, it's because you are a shill, an asset or whatever.
Doe this mean this sort of thing never happens? Of course it does not, false flag operations are real, so are police officers and FBI agents who seek out the gullible, the vulnerable or the desperate, and incite them to commit crimes. This is what happened to both Randy Weaver and John Delorean. Last year, the New York Times reported that the FBI has been seeking out social miscreants with the specific purpose of inciting them to commit acts of terrorism, and thereby to "solve" a low level terrorist plot at no risk but great credit to themselves.
Indeed, I have personal experience of this from more than a decade ago when at least one corrupt police officer tried to incite me to...I'll save that for another day. Maybe.
The thing all these real world false flag operations - or whatever you want to call them - have in common is that they are grubby little conspiracies effected by grubby little men and women. With rare exception they are carried out at a low level, because they are almost always illegal not to mention unethical. Another thing they have in common is that nobody gets hurt. Even in police state America, a government agent can't kill an innocent person in the line of duty without some sort of investigation, and who would authorise such an atrocity as planting a nail bomb at a major sporting event which might have killed dozens or even hundreds, including perhaps police officers?
As usual, Alex Jones is talking through his hat, and I said hat only because if I use a stronger word I'll get a rude e-mail from one of our editors. So what do we know about the actual Boston bomber(s)?
If there are two people involved, then we may legitimately call it a conspiracy. At present it has less the appearance of a sophisticated terrorist operation than that of a lone wolf, possibly a deranged person who if he has a political agenda is not easily pigeonholed. In 1999, psychopath David Copeland embarked on a one man bombing campaign here in London. He was brought to book after a workmate recognised him on the CCTV the police had painstakingly searched for hours. Anyone who claims otherwise is mistaken, or if his given name is Gerry, lying.
The bad news is that Copeland planted and exploded three bombs before he was caught. Hopefully, in Boston there will be thousands of hours of CCTV and private footage from mobile phones and the like available for the authorities to examine in order to identify the perpetrator(s). One of the few benefits of our total surveillance society.
This is the way many murderers are brought to book: laborious work, number crunching and careful analysis. Is it any wonder then that Alex Jones and his ilk prefer to sit on the sidelines and dream up unlikely scenarios while the suits on the ground adopt a more practical approach?