Rapper Drake disses Chris Brown and brings up Rihanna

Posted Apr 14, 2013 by Owen Weldon
It seems that rapper Drake and Chris Brown have not mended fences, because on Friday, Drake, 26, dissed Brown, 23, on East Village Radio's Keep It Thoro show.
According to USA Today, last year the two singers ended up getting into an altercation at SoHo club in NYC, and it was thought that shortly after that the two mended fences.
However, Drake said that when he comes up there, don't ask him about that (expletive) man. He continued to say that Brown needs to be left alone and people need to stop preying on his insecurities, which Drake says are the fact that he is more poppin' than Brown and the fact that he makes better music than Brown.
According to NY Daily, Drake went onto mention Brown's on-and-off again girlfriend Rihanna. Drake said that at one point in time Rihanna fell right into his lap. He said he did what any real (expletive) would do, and that is treat her with respect. He also said that Rihanna is not up there talking down on him.
According to TMZ, Drake said that he and Brown have an issue and it will either drag out, or they will be sitting down together in ten years and laugh about it. He said that they will solve that s--t.
Brown didn't have much of a response, but shortly after Drake's interview, Brown simply Tweeted lol (laughing out loud).