18 years for Hounslow knife attack maniac

Posted Apr 12, 2013 by Alexander Baron
Last August, a maniac was slashing young women with a knife in Hounslow. Yesterday, Friday, the law caught up with him and he received a heavy sentence.
Knife maniac Sasha Masamba  sentenced to 18 years in April 2013.
Knife maniac Sasha Masamba, sentenced to 18 years in April 2013.
Metropolitan Police
The arrest of Sasha Masamba at a Hounslow train station was reported here last August. Hounslow is thought to be where serial killer Levi Bellfield committed his first murder at the age of just 12. Whether or not this was the case, it is more by good fortune than good judgment that another murder was not carried out there, perhaps two.
Yesterday, Friday, footage was released of this psychopath prowling the streets looking for victims.
Be warned, the BBC has augmented this video with photographs of his handiwork.
Masamba appeared at the Central Criminal Court where over the decades even more dangerous men have stood trial, but unlike him, most appeared to have a rational motive for their crimes. Even serial killer and necrophiliac Denis Nilsen murdered for a rational if warped motive. Masamba appears to have selected and attacked his victims for no reason at all.
After denying everything, Masamba changed his plea at the last moment, and was given an 18 year sentence for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The maximum sentence for this offence in England is life imprisonment. Some might wonder if this were not a more fitting sentence for a man who can do what he did to total strangers.