Homophobic violence sweeps France

Posted Apr 12, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Homosexuals in France are being targeted in a wave of violent attacks, just as a bill allowing marriage for all is being debated.
Gay Pride demonstration in Paris June 2008
Gay Pride demonstration in Paris June 2008
Flickr Creative Commons - Philippe Leroyer
According to Aljazeera, there is concern that the debate over the proposed law is turning into violence.
According to Huffington Post, one of the latest victims of violence is a man who was attacked for being gay. He was attacked in Paris while he was walking with his boyfriend. Activists say that since the debate over the bill, verbal and physical assaults on gays have surged.
According to Independent, gay campaigners said that the attacks have tripled since the bill started its passage through parliament five months ago. Next week, the text will go back to the lower house, where a final vote will take place.
People have said that protests which started off as being anti-gay-marriage are now just anti-gay.
Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, called the latest victim and expressed his outrage at the attack.