Tee Ashira – Combining art and faith into projects of passion

Posted Apr 8, 2013 by Andrew Moran
It’s very rare that entertainers truly maintain a number of talents. In this day and age, it could be difficult to discover someone that writes, acts, directs, produces and even volunteers. One artist is leading life by faith: Tee Ashira Hobson.
Tee Ashira
Tee Ashira
Tee Ashira Hobson
Establishing an entertainment empire with husband, former NFL linebacker Victor Hobson, Tee Ashira Hobson, 37, is a writer, actor, director, producer, author, screenwriter and devoted philanthropist. Although these talents are self-described as “undeniable and real,” her real passions in life are being a dedicated wife, mother and humanitarian.
“Being a great wife, a great mother and an incredible humanitarian is the greatest gift God can give and a huge part of my legacy,” said Ashira on the front-page of her online portfolio. “The other part is just making people laugh, life is dull when people stop laughing.”
Priding herself in thinking outside the box and coming up with unconventional conceptions, Ashira has done quite a bit of work throughout her life, even as young as she is. Over the past few years, Ashira has published a slate of books, including “Hosea the Whore and His Wife,” “The Favor of Sarah,” “Where is My Boaz?” “Lazarus Rise!” and her most popular “Soul Ties.”
Last year, Ashira was the executive producer of the motion pictures “C’mon Man,” in which she made her acting debut, and “Nothing But the Bests.” This year, what may perhaps be the highlight of her career, her novel, “Soul Ties,” is being adapted for the big screen.
Ashira, born in Puerto Rico, will not only appear in the film but also write, produce and direct the film – it has been reported that all of her past and future novels will be adapted for the silver screen.
“Soul Ties” is considered a very personal project for her because the stories are inspired by her own family and her past. The story is of a woman’s personal journey through faith and redemption by healing her soul and triumphing her past.
Sometime next year, Ashira will also executive produce the movie “Cinderella Li.”
Ashira, who upholds a significant presence on Twitter with positive messages, persists in focusing on her faith and being led by it. Her future career plans will continue to incorporate her faith with her artistic passions and endeavors and “helping readers find redemption from past pains and developing a new purpose and meaning in life.”
For Ashira, her greatest gift in life is life itself.