Alaskan town considers banning public defecation

Posted Apr 7, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A rural Alaskan town, Bethel, is considering whether to borrow from state law and make it against the law for people to urinate or defecate in public.
Steve F
If the town passes the law, then public excretion could be punishable by fines as high as $200, according to NewsMiner. The state already prohibits it, but if Bethel adopts the law, then the fine will go to the city instead of the state.
According to Anchorage Daily, Patty Burley, the city attorney, said that public defecation is not a problem in Bethel, populartion of 6,100, but officials did want to update the local laws to reflect the state law.
According to KTUU, there are other proposed amendments to Bethel's decency code, which include a ban on walking on public streets while intoxicated and posing a hazard for traffic in the city.
Bethel is located about 400 miles west of Anchorage.