Video: 'Hot For Teacher,' Avery six-year-old drummer YouTube hit

Posted Apr 2, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
A 6-year-old drummer Avery Molek's cover of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" has become a YouTube hit having received more than 700,00 views
Avery Molek
Avery Molek
According to ABC News, his parents Ed and Elizabeth Molek of Washington, Pa., nurtured their son's precocious talent. He has been taking drum lessons since he was 4.
Ed told ABC News: "When he was 2 we did what every parent does, you go to Toys R’ Us and buy your child an instrument. We bought him drums and a guitar and he gravitated to the drums. It wasn't long before he started getting the feel of the beats of songs and then he just kept progressing. Just before he turned 4, he played 'Mississippi Queen' almost perfectly. I asked him how and he said, 'Just by listening to it.'"
His parents deeply impressed, enrolled the boy who attends a local public school, in weekly 30-minute lessons with a local drum tutor.
The astounded father began filming his son to encourage him to finish songs. He said: "The discipline just wasn't there yet because he was so young. Once he knew he was being recorded, he was more methodical in playing from beginning to end."
Ed began posting his son's performances to YouTube as a way to share his son's talents with friends and family. Among Avery's YouTube uploads are covers for songs by Kiss, Motley Crue, and Ozzy Osbourne.
Avery's official Facebook page says: "Avery applies his lessons when learning songs by ear and implementing his own feel, style and fills for the song."
His special skills soon came to the attention of a local company. The company invited him to play at an event after their chief executive saw one of his YouTube videos.
He also caught the eye of KISS drummer Eric Singer, who has become a mentor to Avery, ABC News reports.
Ed said: "It’s just been amazing. We did not even think that stuff like this would be happening. If we’d let him he’d probably play for an hour or two hours every day."
The viral video has been acknowledged by Van Halen News Desk. According to the website, apart from doing covers, Avery has played 15 shows. Six of the shows were solo one hour shows and nine shows included playing in four different live bands across four states.
He also appeared at a number of festivals including The Hard Rock Cafe and The Illinois State Fair & Sturgis Fest "Bike Week" in Michigan. He refers to this series of engagements as his "Out of Basement Tour." He told VHND: "Yes, I said 'Tour!' I am only 6! So anything more then one gig is a Tour!"
He has also appeared in several magazine, newspaper and TV station interviews.
According to ABC News, he is in the midst of his "Out of the Basement Tour II."
His father Ed, said: "If he doesn't have fun and doesn't enjoy it, we won’t do it. That’s our gauge."
Ed also said they are trying to balance his drumming schedule with his schooling because "if it was up to Avery, just 'fun' would quickly turn him into a full-time drummer."