Unsolved crime victims receive flowers from UK police

Posted Apr 1, 2013 by Anne Sewell
Victims of unsolved crimes in the London borough of Barnet are receiving bunches of flowers, seemingly as an apology from the cops who couldn't solve said crimes.
These are flowers from a bouquet at the Eastern Market in Washington  D.C.
These are flowers from a bouquet at the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.
Those who have suffered muggings and burglaries in the area are receiving flowers from the Metropolitan and West Mercia police forces to "soften the blow" because the police are "unlikely to solve crimes."
According to the Sunday Telegraph some 300 bouquets have been sent out since last November.
Barnet resident, Sarah Miller, had her house burgled of valuable items, including two laptops and a camera, a while back. She says she received a bunch of flowers, together with a card from the police apologizing that it seemed unlikely that her crime would be solved.
According to Miller the card read, “Sorry you have been a victim of crime, unfortunately in this case there is insufficient evidence to proceed and investigation into your crime will now be closed,” followed shortly by a bunch of flowers.
According to a spokesperson for the Met, said, “Giving someone flowers helps soften the blow and shows we are there to support them. We have found that just that simple gesture helps start up dialogue with victims and helps them begin to feel safe again, which is important.”
The spokesperson said that the flowers were either paid for using a police community fund, consisting of proceeds from unclaimed property sales, or from voluntary contributions from officers and staff and donations by wholesale firms.
While she was appreciative of the flowers, Miller said, “I'd rather they'd have sent a community officer to comfort me after it happened rather than being fobbed off with flowers.”
She suggested that the local police could have made better use of their time: “The thought that went into that could have gone into solving the burglary, like putting pictures of the things that were stolen in the local paper in an effort to recover them.”
Apparently in 2012, out of 3,405 residential burglaries in Barnet, a mere 436 were actually solved, giving a 12.8% success rate. In the city of London itself, there were 55,693 burglaries last year, of which a small 6,795 were solved by the police - an even worse 12.2% success rate.
Not exactly statistics that justify fobbing people off with flowers.
Your thoughts on this, please. If the police gave you a bunch of flowers as an apology for not solving a crime which had affected you, what would you do?