Iranian regime steps up support for Assad

Posted Mar 16, 2013 by Paul Iddon
According to reports the Iranian regime has stepped up its military support for the Assad regime that is currently fighting an armed insurrection in order to stay in power.
Syria: Smoke from expolosions can be seen rising into the sky.
Syria: Smoke from expolosions can be seen rising into the sky.
U.S. Department of State
Reports indicate that Iranian weapons are being supplied to the Syrian regime through Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon in violation of the United Nations arms embargo against Iran -- over its controversial nuclear program. Iraqi and Turkish officials have in turn denied these claims. (Reuters, March 14 2013)
The shipments in question "range from communications equipment to light arms and advanced strategic weapons, some of which are being used devastatingly by Hezbollah and the Syrian regime against the Syrian people." (Policy Mic, March 15 2013)
Analysis's of this geopolitical regional development suggest Iran may be trying to help Assad break from the stalemate he is currently in with the opposition and get the upper hand through increased force, increased crackdown and coercion in order to break the back of the opposition and regain control over the entire country.
Also salient in the conflict as of late is the increasingly deteriorating sectarian element. The Iranian regime and Assad are close allies with the Shi'ite Hezbollah militia in Hezbollah that is in firm support of Mr. Assad's regime and has openly sided with and supported him in his fight against the ragtag rebel opposition much to the distress and distaste of many in the region.