Gallup poll shows which countries Americans favor/disfavor

Posted Mar 12, 2013 by Paul Iddon
A recent Gallup poll gauged attitudes Americans had to 22 different foreign countries. The result, an interesting insight into American attitudes to various different countries around the world.
A Gallup Foreign Polling Map For US Elections.
A Gallup Foreign Polling Map For US Elections.
The poll found American's were highly favorable when it came to Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Germany in particular with France, India and Israel trailing behind a little less favorably. (Washington Post, March 12 2013)
Iran scored an all time low of 9% when it came to those voting in favor with North Korea coming second last with another meager 12% espousing a favorable view. Saudi Arabia a long term ally of the United States scored a relatively low 36% in-favor rating in the same relative area shared with the likes of Cuba (34% expressing a favorable view), Egypt (40%) and Venezuela (also 40%).
China and Russia are viewed less favorable by the minority scoring 43% and 44% approval respectively.
The Palestinian Authority wasn't highly favored scoring a mere 15%, a mere 1% more favorable than Syria, along with Afghanistan. (Gallup, March 7 2013)