How you can send a text message to charge your cellphone

Posted Mar 12, 2013 by Owen Weldon
People who are living off the grid can pay for electricity to charge their cellphone by sending a text message, which is the cheapest method found so far.
Peel-and-stick solar decal applied to a cell phone
Peel-and-stick solar decal applied to a cell phone
Stanford University
According to Times Of India, Buffalo Grid, a London-based company, has introduced a solar-powered cellphone charging station, and it is activated by text message.
The use of cellphones is quickly rising in the developing world, more specifically in Africa and Asia, where there is a patchy or absent power grid that poses a conundrum of problems.
Buffalo Grid's basic technology is designed to help tackle the problems. The battery extracts power from the solar panel by using a technique that is known as maximum power point tracking (MPPT).
According to EcoChunk, Buffalo Grid is already using the technology in Uganda, where the charging station is carried around the villages on a bicycle by workers. Workers can charge up to 20 phones per day, and it costs around 20 cents to completely charge a phone.
Once a user sends a text message, which costs around 110 shillings in Ugana, an LED light will glow above a socket, which means that it is ready to dispense power. Each text allows the phone to be charged for 1.5 hours.
According to Pardaphash, Buffalo Grid said that it is looking forward to cuttinf down the prices of charging, which they plan on doing by partnering up with cellphone network operators.
Daniel Becerra, a Buffalo Grid official, said that a huge number of people will fall towards it when they start to provide power to cellphones that have completely lost it.