3,000 dead decomposing pigs found in Shanghai's drinking water

Posted Mar 11, 2013 by Sami Zaatari
Up to 3000 decomposing pigs have been found and pulled from Shanghai's Huangpu river, a source of drinking water for the city's 23 million inhabitants.
United States Department of Agriculture
How the pigs got there remains unknown, and why they were dead in the first place, also remains a mystery.
Authorities claimed that there were no risks to drinking water, with no traces of foot and mouth, swine fever, and blue ear pig disease being found.
Authorities did however claim that they found traces of porcine cicovirus, a disease that affects pigs, but not humans.
Residents in the area claimed that this wasn't the first time dead pigs appeared in the river:
We had dead pigs here last year too. We seem to have dead pigs all the time. It is non-stop.
The environmental chief of the area, Xu Rong, said that they had to "act quickly" in removing the pigs, to ensure that there wasn't a pollution of the water, while insisting that the water had yet to be affected.