Teller sues Belgian magician for theft- then magician vanishes

Posted Mar 6, 2013 by Richard Mccallum
As a teenager Raymond Teller created a signature illusion which he called The Rose and The Shadow, but when a Belgian magician named Dogge recreated it on YouTube and offered to sell the method the silent magician decided to bring him to court.
When court officials tried to serve Dogge with a summons, the Belgian magician took flight.
He then opened a counter suit in Belgium against Teller for defamation.
The Penn and Teller duo are one of the largest grossing entertainment acts on the globe and many are questioning the silent magician's actions as early and throughout their career they have often revealed secrets behind illusions created by other magician's which is a blatant betrayal of the Magician's Code.
As we go to press Burt Wonderstone was unavailable for comment, but in the meantime here is Chriss Angel's version of the Rose and the Shadow.