Mad Men season 6 returns to AMC April 7/13

Posted Mar 5, 2013 by Richard Mccallum
Mix a vodka gimlet and light up a Lucky Strike because the TV series that puts the sex into the '60's, Matthew Weiner's Mad Men, is debuting its 6th season on April 7 and it's going to be epic.
Alliance Films
The program which is premiering with a special two hour episode on April 7/13 penned by creator and show runner Weiner promises an affair to remember in the above season trailer, and already critics, pundits, and armchair experts are speculating that the show will begin a new round of lovemaking by the enigmatic lead character Don Draper..
Of course everyone knows that the only people who are consistently paid to be wrong in forecasting the future are stock brokers, hedge fund managers , weathermen and....television critics.
In related Mad Men news John Hamm who plays Draper will helm the second broadcast episode.
The gorgeous B&W 3 D photos featured in the trailer were done by Ken Burns.