Cinecoup Canadian Idol for filmmakers — McIntyre's Angel of Death Special

Posted Feb 24, 2013 by AR Vasquez
Promoter Jason ‘J’ Joly founder of Cinecoup and CEO of Vancouver-based company Overinteractive Media makes a deal with Cineplex to screen a feature film in all Cineplex theatres across Canada in the fall of 2013.
graphic artwork by Gabriel Lascu  copyright 2013 PerArdua Productions
graphic artwork by Gabriel Lascu, copyright 2013 PerArdua Productions
artwork designed by Gabriel Lascu copyright PerArdua Productions
"Not only that, he’s swung a deal with Cineplex, Canada’s largest chain of cinemas, to show their feature film on any of its 1,437 screens across the country next fall.
But the hard sell isn’t an easy sell, as the fast-talking entrepreneur learned in a swing through Montreal on a national tour to launch the CineCoup project."- Montreal Gazette
So how will Cinecoup choose the feature film? The CineCoup Film Accelerator is, as Linda McIntyre of PerArdua Productions describes as, the "Canadian Idol for Indie Filmmakers".
The basic concept of an accelerator is that a group of serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, and VCs select a group of strong startups to participate in a short, intense period of support, feedback, and mentoring, all designed to help them prove out their business model and get to market. The top entrepreneurs that emerge are capitalized in exchange for equity in the business. What normally would take an entrepreneur one to two years in terms of building their business, the accelerator model accomplishes in under four months. This accelerator concept we realized could be applied to film and was in-part the genesis for CineCoup particularly in identifying true film entrepreneurs. This model is not for everyone, as it is tough-love in nature and is designed to nurture and support the most well rounded filmmakers from a both a creative and entrepreneurial perspective. - Cinecoup
So what does this mean for McIntyre and her Cinecoup feature film submission Angel of Death?
"Sleepless nights trying to make the February 24 deadline to film, edit and submit the required two minute trailer and all the other things needed to complete the application. Win or lose, Cinecoup's Pitch Boot Camp experience is what I will be taking away from this and applying to my future projects." - Linda McIntyre
If Angel of Death is accepted, this could mean more sleepless nights for McIntyre as the competition to increase the social networks' awareness of the project goes into hyper mode. By the April deadline, accepted films must accomplish weekly Cinecoup assignments or marketing missions. These missions are designed to help create the fanbase necessary for the film project to succeed after production. Missions will include creating weekly promotional videos to also help the project gain attention from media and other networks. These tasks are not for the weak of heart. Cinecoup projects must have a minimum of three participants in the team in order to share the workload.
While audience support is a key element to success, CineCoup is not a popularity contest. Our performance analytics are designed to reward qualitative engagement over quantitative values by measuring factors such as sentiment, trends, reach and retention achieved across the social web. - Cinecoup
If the project manages to get into the Top 50 phase, the completed script must then be finalized for the currently announced April 21th, 2013 deadline. The projects will then be further reduced to the Top 15 which will start the fund raising phase. The Top 5 winners will then be reviewed by a Jury who will vote on the final winner of the $1 million dollar Cinecoup contract.
The jury will consider all of the following in their evaluation and decision-making
-Strength of the team presentation and interview at the jury.
-Overall performance during the Social Selection Funnel and Finalist Slate including filmmaking missions, marketing missions and social voting results. -First draft of project script (submitted to CineCoup during the Top 50 phase) and it’s viability to be produced within CineCoup’s production budget and scheduling constraints.
-Marketing pitch (submitted to CineCoup during the Top 50 phase) based on it’s originality, innovation and viability to execute within budget and production schedule.
-Crowdfunding campaigns as a measure of the quality of audience engagement, not total value - Cinecoup
Submissions for the Cinecoup Film Accelerator end tonight at midnight Eastern time.
For more information on Cinecoup go to the Cinecoup Official Website.
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