49 homeless California dogs take RV trip to new homes in Canada

Posted Feb 15, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
Forty-nine dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds, have moved countries to seek their first loving home ever. The dogs were in an overcrowded 'no-kill' shelter in Palm Springs, Calif. but following 8 days in an RV are now citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
A pug dog
A pug dog
The Palm Springs shelter had recently rescued many of the dogs from a terrible situation in a run-down home in that community and an international organization called Animal Rescue Corps spearheaded the operation to find them a place to go. They arrived in Halifax Thursday.
Homeless dogs homeless no more
Animal Rescue Corps got involved with animal groups in Nova Scotia to find the dogs owners. It was surely a grueling trip for the animals, 5,800 kilometers in an RV but once arriving many were quickly whisked off to their new homes, the rest to be settled in the new few days.
Linda Felix, an official from a local group that helps low-income families spay their pets, argued that the area already has enough dogs who need homes but despite that more dogs, and cats, from California are headed to Halifax in the next few weeks. The cats will continue on to new homes in Prince Edward Island.
The Canadian Press reported that an official from the Animal Rescue Corps said finding homes for the dogs was made easy because locals stepped up and did a great job. "They just ran with it," said Tiffany Sullivan, a shelter director of Animal Rescue Corps. "That's what we love about the Maritimes."