Atlantic City firefighters sworn into office with iPad Bible app

Posted Feb 13, 2013 by Abigail Prendergast
In America, taking any kind of public office meant taking an oath where you put your hand on a Bible. Atlantic City firefighters had to do a bit of a twist on the tradition by using an iPad Bible app instead.
An iPad interactive Bible
An iPad interactive Bible
Firefighters in Atlantic City, New Jersey, had taken their required oaths on a Bible in order to take office. However, it was not the conventional leather-bound Bible with the super thin pages outlined with silver or gold leaf these people put their hands on. Instead, it was the Bible app on a 9.7 inch Apple iPad.
According to Mashable, the Atlantic City Fire Department had been scheduled to promote workers to the ranks of Battalion Chief and Fire Captain. A problem arose when it was discovered that nobody in the City Council Chambers possessed a physical Bible, thus halting the ceremony.
Technology came to the rescue when one of the attendants just happened to be carrying along an Apple iPad, and allowed the device and its Bible app to be used in the swearings in.
It was agreed by ceremony officials that the "unspecified" iPad app was indeed appropriate for the firefighters to take their oaths with. In years past, no Bible meant no ceremony at all.