New report: 8 hurt, 143 homes damaged in powerful Colombian quake

Posted Feb 9, 2013 by Yukio Strachan
Despite earlier reports to the contrary, an earthquake injured eight people and damaged 143 homes when it ripped through a broad swath of Colombia and Ecuador on Saturday morning.
Earthquake in Colombia South America shown in 3D
Earthquake in Colombia South America shown in 3D
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The quake, whose epicenter was located 7 miles (12 kilometers) southwest from the Colombian town of Pasto, a city of 400, 000 people, near the border with Ecuador, at a depth of 115 miles (186 kilometers), struck at 9:16 a.m., the The U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The country's disaster management unit, called the National Risk Assessment Unit, or UNGRD told local press the destruction concentrated in 17 municipalities in southwestern Colombia, with Nariño, Cauca and Valle confirmed as the three areas with the most emergencies.
"Some of the injured were at El Charco in Nariño province, with five adults plus a little boy who fell from a second story and broke his right leg. Another two had fractures of the fingers and knees, one in Valle del Cauca and the other in Cauca," said UNGRD director Carlos Ivan Marquez, according to La Prensa Online.
Marquez, said that 143 houses were damaged.
Additionally, in Bogota, Colombia's capital, more than 500 miles from the earthquake's epicenter, many buildings were left without windows.
In Cali, Ecuador's third largest city, a medical center was damaged.
In the town of San Pedro, a church collapsed, Television New Zealand Limited reports.
Marquez reassured: "I wish to confirm there have been no fatalities nor missing persons."
Marquez also spoke with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.
"He told me we must activate the whole preventive system of attention and recovery, and consolidate the different plans for taking the necessary action to assure a rapid, opportune recovery through the provincial emergency management offices," the UNGRD director said.
Shortly before the official report on injuries and damages, Santos claimed there had been "no victims" and the material damage was "marginal."
The quake was the second to hit Colombia in less than a year, according to Colombia Reports. In September 2012, an earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude rocked the colonial city of Popayan.