Northeast blizzard disrupts travel plans for NBA games

Posted Feb 9, 2013 by Layne Weiss
After Friday's win against the Timberwolves, the New York Knicks, who would have normally flown home right after the game, were stuck in Minnesota due to winter storm Nemo. The San Antonio Spurs also stayed in Detroit overnight.
The Spurs  Manu Ginobili shooting a free throw.
The Spurs' Manu Ginobili shooting a free throw.
Zereshk/Wikimedia Commons
On Friday, the Pistons snapped the Spurs' 11-game win streak with a 113-109 victory, ESPN reports. Despite injuries from Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, the Spurs, who are the No.1 team in the Western Conference managed to win 11-straight.
"It was an impressive run, but it wasn't going to last forever," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said.
Meanwhile, according to The Associated Press, as of around 530 Saturday morning, the Spurs were still awaiting word on when they could leave Detroit and fly to New York for Sunday's game against the Brooklyn Nets.
The Nets, who lost to the Washington Wizards, 89-74 Friday, opted to take a train home for their game Sunday.
Airlines canceled more than 5,300 airports through Saturday, and Boston's Logan Airport, New York's LaGuardia Airport, New York's JFK Airport, and New York Airport are all closed.
New York Knicks' coach Mike Woodson said if the team is unable to get back to New York by Saturday morning, he will hold practice in Minnesota, NBC Sports reports.
The Los Angeles Clippers, who are supposed to face the Knicks in New York Sunday, were also stuck in Miami after a loss against the Heat Friday night.