Op-Ed: McCartney mistaken for a busker

Posted Feb 7, 2013 by Joie Maccarone
How could anyone possibly mistake former Beatles frontman Paul McCartney for a busker? Unless, he's an unsuspecting passenger on a New Orleans streetcar, sits down, opens his guitar case and belts out a few Beatles tunes, one would never guess.
Contactmusic reported that last Sunday, McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell were in New Orleans to enjoy the Mardi Gras carnival and also to watch the Super Bowl NFL.
At some point during their stay in city, the pair hopped onto a streetcar to ride the City of New Orleans.
While he was on the streetcar, McCartney took out his acoustic guitar and started belting some of his old Beatles songs. One might think that the passengers would take notice, but instead, McCartney was promptly ignored and worse. According to the Mirror: some passengers mistook McCartney as being a "down- and- out busker and when he began singing, they warned each other "Here Comes The Bum".
According to the Mirror: Robert Senft who happened to be a passenger on the train said, “this guy got on the street car and started singing Beatles songs. Everyone was just ignoring him really because there are a lot of buskers in this town. Then we realized it was Sir Paul McCartney and we were just in shock. He started singing along with the whole carriage and taking pictures. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the best days of my life.''
So which songs did McCartney sing? According to the NME he sang 'A Hard Day's Night' and also a "mash-up of the fab Four's most famous tunes." I don't know if 'Baby you can drive my car' and 'She's got a ticket to ride' were among the "mash up."
However, if you're wondering as I have, if McCartney and his wife were traveling alone, the answer is no. According to Contactmusic: Super-fan Robert Retz posted on Facebook: ''As it turned out, he had security with him. He wanted to take a ride on a street car.''
It is not known if he was riding on the streetcar named ‘Desire.’