Video: Native American confronts anti-illegal immigration protest

Posted Feb 6, 2013 by Anne Sewell
In Tucson, Arizona, a rally against illegal immigration was interrupted by the rant of a Native American man, who called them all the real "illegals" for invading his country.
A Native American has a protest of his own against anti-illegal immigration protesters in Tucson  Ar...
A Native American has a protest of his own against anti-illegal immigration protesters in Tucson, Arizona.
The Native American man yelled at the protesters, “You’re all f*cking illegal. You’re all illegal.”
The group had gathered in Tucson to protest the illegal immigration by Central and South Americans.
But the man, pushing his baby in a stroller, decided to stage his own protest. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here,” he shouted.
“Get on with your bogus arguments. We’re the only legal ones here,” he yelled.
Some of the protesters cheered as the man pointed out their hypocrisy, as they all at some point immigrated to the US themselves, or are descended from immigrants. One lady said, "We have Native Americans here."
One of the protesters, carrying a small American flag and a sign calling for the ban of illegal immigration, caught the man's attention and became a target of his rant: “We should have put that sign up when you sons-of-bitches came,” he said.
The Native American then pointed at the flag held by the man and said that it “represents blood spilled by Native Americans, protecting this land from the invaders.”
“Yeah that's right, that's right, you don’t want to hear the God damn truth do yer!” he yelled.
“Get on, bitch! All the Native Americans you killed, you plant your houses here. That’s the truth.”
Arizona is close to the Mexican border and has long been a hub for anti-immigration protests.
In 2010, the state passed the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act”, a strict anti-illegal immigration measure that has stimulated significant controversy. Basically the law makes it a misdemeanor crime for an "alien" to be in Arizona without carrying registration documents and the state also imposes heavy penalties on those involved in sheltering or hiring unregistered aliens.
While the provisions of the controversial law were blocked by the US Department of Justice, in 2012 the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the “show me your papers” provision which allows law enforcement to stop anyone who looks like an illegal immigrant.
However, the Native American man considers it hypocritical for Americans to criticize illegal immigration into the US when all but the Native Americans actually illegally immigrated at one point themselves.