Video NSFW: Hitchhiker with hatchet saves hate crime victim

Posted Feb 5, 2013 by Angela Norwood
A homeless hitchhiker identified only as Kai came to the rescue wielding a hatchet after a 54-year old man claiming to be Jesus Christ ran his truck into a PG&E worker.
A hitchhiker identified as Caleb Kai saved the day after the man he was riding with rammed his truck into a PG&E worker at a gas station in Fresno.
Kai was riding with 54-year old Jeff Simmons when the man declared he was Jesus Christ, then rammed his truck into a black man, pinning him against a utility vehicle. Reports say two female witnesses rushed to help, but Simmons assaulted them — even grabbing one of the women — while ranting about ridding the world of black people.
Kai then rushed to the rescue with hatchet in hand. According to reports, he hit Simmons three times from behind with the hatchet.
"These two women are trying to help him, and this guy runs up and tries to grab one of them, man," Kai told local reporters. "A guy that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. So I f***in ran up behind him with a hatchet and smash, smash, smash!"
The victim hit with the truck was hospitalized with two broken legs. Despite the incident, Buzzfeed reports the man is in "good spirits" and hopes his attacker "gets the help he needs."
Kai has become an Internet sensation with his extremely NSFW interview given to local Fox reporters. Kai has even taken to commenting on the story on Buzzfeed, explicitly requesting that he be referred to as "homefree" rather than "homeless."