UK Pensioner left without food dies

Posted Feb 5, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Gloria Foster, who is in her 80s, was left at her home in Surrey without water, food or medication for nine days after a care agency shut down.
UK police.
UK police.
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According to BBC, Foster was admitted to Epsom Hospital just about two weeks ago. She died while at the hospital.
According to Telegraph, Foster was being looked at by nurses from Carefirst 24, which is based in Sutton.
Carefirst ended up being raided on January 15, and six people were arrested. The raid was carried out because of allegations that the company was employing illegal immigrants under the identities of workers who used to work for them.
According to Mirror, after the raid occurred, Surrey County Council became responsible for replacing her care.
A spokeswoman for the county council said that they were very sad to hear about the death of Foster and that their thoughts were with her friends and family. The spokeswoman went onto say that the tragedy is being looked into by the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board.
Spokesman for the UK Border Agency, which conducted the raid, said that they met with local authorities and told them that they were going to raid the business. The spokesman said that they told local authorities what they were going to do so they could arrange care for clients of the company.
As of now the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board is continuing their investigation.