Spring-like weather greets Torontonians

Posted Jan 30, 2013 by Veronica Silva Cusi
Yes, there may still be snow outside your door this morning but it sure doesn’t feel like winter. In fact, the remaining snow this morning is easily melting as Toronto is experiencing record-breaking temperatures in the positive double digits.
The morning is cloudy and the roads are wet in Scarborough  ON.
The morning is cloudy and the roads are wet in Scarborough, ON.
As soon as kids started trooping to school this morning, Environment Canada has already recorded a high of 14°C, a record breaker. Environment Canada even compared the near 15°C temperature to a warm summer night. The last time temperature felt like spring in winter on a January 30 was in 2006, when the barometer reached 9.1°C.
Globe and Mail quoted an Environment Canada climatologist as saying that this kind of weather is “unusual”. The average temperature at this time of year is -2°C.
Still, Environment Canada is forecasting a cloudy day with showers up to early afternoon. Later in the day, temperatures will drop to single digit, but still positive. Rain will resume later tonight up to early morning, bringing the temperature to a low of -4°C.
In a special weather statement for Ontario, Canada’s weather office cautioned against “roller coaster” rapid changes in temperature this month. A Colorado low is expected later tonight and this will bring a warm front in Eastern Ontario.
By Friday, temperature is expected to reach a high of -3°C with a 40 percent chance of flurries.