Germany commemorates Hitler's rise to power 80 years on

Posted Jan 30, 2013 by Katerina Nikolas
January 30 is the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's appointment as German Chancellor, marking his rise to power. Germany is commemorating the anniversary with a series of events to remind Germans they must continue to take responsibility for Nazi crimes.
General Pétain meeting Adolf Hitler in October 1940
General Pétain meeting Adolf Hitler in October 1940
Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the atrocities committed under his leadership still cast a shadow on Germany. The anniversary of his appointment to Chancellor is now being marked across the nation eight decades after he ascended to power.
On Wednesday morning German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened an exhibition in Berlin named "Berlin 1933. On the Path to Dictatorship." The exhibition is being hosted at the Topography of Terror documentation center, according to the Guardian, the former site of SS headquarters.
During her weekly pod-cast Merkel said Germany had "an everlasting responsibility for the crimes of National Socialism, for the victims of World War II, and above all, for the Holocaust. We're facing our history, we're not hiding anything, we're not repressing anything. We must confront this to make sure we are a good and trustworthy partner in the future, as we already are today, thankfully." (The Local)
Other events to mark the anniversary include a special session of parliament on Wednesday to remember Nazi victims, an exhibition at the German History Museum and an outdoor exhibition at the the Brandenburg Gate to recall marching stormtroopers. Around 120 projects will mark the anniversary of Hitler's rise to power.