Op-Ed: The President first term in review

Posted Jan 22, 2013 by Christopher Ramos
The last four years haven't been pretty in America, the economy is still weak, the U.S has been involved in wars, and the out of control gun debate. We have had a pretty rough four years; let's see how Obama has fared.
President Barack Obama delivers a statement to the press in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room o...
President Barack Obama delivers a statement to the press in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House
Chuck Kennedy / White House
Many questions people are asking themselves is whether president Obama has done a good job on the issues he promised. Many people would raise their concerns over the economy and whether it's better or worse than when Obama took office. Republicans will tell you that he has done a horrific job on the economy, while democrats would be quick to point the blame to republicans.
The president has injected more than 3 trillion dollars into the economy in order to get it back running again; we have yet to see the economic growth that is supposed to follow; only thing we have seen is more debt, more taxes, and price inflation. When the president took office he promised that he would create jobs and bring the unemployment rate down. Well, he has created jobs; although they cost hundred of thousands per job; the obama administration has increased the debt more than bush did in two terms; one has to wonder what another four years would look like? GDP to debt ratio is now currently 105%.
The economy was left is utter ruins because of bush; the blame is also his; president obama hasn't done much to address this problem. We need more aggressive cuts on spending. Of course, we still have more proposed spending on the way, remember Obamacare? This situation hasn't gotten any better for Americans; recent estimates put number of food stamps recipients about 14.7 million. That's roughly the same number under bush except under quicker time. Most Americans are now either poor or low income; which would make sense since the federal reserve loves to print money and inflate our currency. By increasing the money supply, the dollar has become more worthless and the savings of Americans shrink. Where are these wage increases to account for this? The President hasn't done much to fix the economy, and what he has done hasn't worked a bit.
The President has waged utter war against the Constitution with a series of executive orders and signing controversial legislation. President Obama signed once again the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013; despite having the indefinite detention clause. Under this act your constitutional rights are violated. This act permits the arresting American citizens without the right to trial by jury or the writ of habeas corpus. Remember when the president also promised to shut down Guantanamo bay? Yeah, under the NDAA it's still open. In fact the President thinks that it's perfectly fine to assassinate American citizens without a trial by jury or Constitutional protection. Under our law, every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty; to have the audacity to assassinate them without bringing them to court is immoral. Every person has the right to a trial and defend themselves, the president seems to think different. President's Obama war on civil liberties has been shocking, he has signed controversial executive orders such as handing the power of the Internet to the government. Another unconstitutional act was when the president went to war in Libya without congressional approval; the Constitution makes it clear that Congress has the power to declare war, not the president. According the war powers resolution, the president had 60 days to get congressional approval for any attack he orders the military to do; although the war powers resolution wouldn't apply in his case because our country or forces weren't attacked by Libya. The president has shown that he has no regard for the Constitution, which is the highest law in the land.
The gun control debate has gotten out of control in the past two months. President Obama is intent on passing stricter gun control that infringes on your second amendment rights. States have responded to the recent measures by using their nullification powers. American sheriffs all over the country are taking vows not to infringe on the rights of Americans. The fact is that gun control doesn't do anything to reduce violent crime. Australia gun ban, which was passed in 1997, has done nothing to stop violent crime. American cities who have gun control tend to have higher murder rates. The second amendment was guaranteed by the founders to protect the individual from tyrants and their lives.
The next four years
I wish to see president Obama take a stand and stop the federal prosecution on pot. President Obama has waged a war on medical cannabis more that his predecessor. This is costing the U.S billions of dollars and has been an utter failure to the most.
I think the President should try to accomplish a immigration reform, and push forward a plan to get it done. It's disappointing to see millions of Latino voters vote for him again and not get what they were promised four years ago. It's time the president stop playing politics.
I don't expect much from the president at this point, promises weren't kept and he has been fond of using his power as president to cover up things he doesn't like.