Judge weeps at sentencing of 'Dating Game' killer Rodney Alcala

Posted Jan 8, 2013 by Layne Weiss
Rodney Alcala, a one-time contestant on the popular show "The Dating Game" has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering two 23-year-old women in New York in the 1970s. The judge cried as she handed down the sentence.
Convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala  66  in his winning  Dating Game  appearance in 1978.
Convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala, 66, in his winning "Dating Game" appearance in 1978.
Mr. Alcala was indicted in the murders in 2011, and pleaded guilty to them last month.
He is currently on death row in California for the strangling deaths of four women and a 12-year-old girl, CNN reports. These murders took place between November, 1977 and June 1979.
On Monday, Judge Bonnie Wittner recounted each of the murders Alclala, now 69, had committed, The NY Times reports.
"This kind of case, I hope to never again," she said sobbing in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan.
"I just want to say I hope the families find some peace and solace," Judge Wittner said, once she regained her composure.
Rodney Alcala appeared on The Dating Game in 1978, and actually won. Assistant District Attorney Alex Spiro pointed out that in 1968 Alcala had been convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl, CNN reports. He spent 34 months in jail for the crime.
Furthermore, he committed a large majority of his murders before his appearance on the game show. He killed his first known victim Cornelia Michell Crilley, a TWA flight attendant in NYC in 1971. His other New York victim, Ellen Jane Hover was an aspiring orchestra conductor. She disappeared in 1977, and her body was found nearly a year later. He murderous spree continued in California. He murdered women and girls before and after becoming the winning bachelor on The Dating Game.