Author under fire for tweet calling black GOP woman 'Aunt Tom'

Posted Jan 7, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
A publishing house based in Minnesota, KHP Publishers, Inc., has terminated its contract with one of its authors Scot Colbert, for posting a tweet in which he called Crystal Wright, a black conservative woman, "Aunt Tom" and "ignorant c**t."
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Although the author, Scott Colbert, deleted the offensive tweet within minutes of posting it to Crystal Wright (@GOPBlackChick), and locked his Twitter Feed, a conservative writer, and bestseller Brad Thor (@BradThor), saw the tweet and highlighted it on his account and sent a message to Colbert: "Did you just hurl a racial slur at my friend?"
According to The Blaze, Thor sent a screenshot of the tweet to Colbert's publisher, KHP Publisher, Inc.. On Saturday, the publisher announced that it had terminated its contract with an unnamed author.
The Blaze reports the publisher's statement, said:
"The author made a racial slur at the person with KHP material plastering his Twitter page’s background. This involved the company, and we saw the results of this on our own Twitter page this morning. [W]e find this inexcusable. In sticking to our own ‘zero tolerance’ model, we terminated our contract with this author immediately and his book is in the process of being removed from stores."
The publisher explained that there were "personal reasons" for the decision: The CEO of the company is white but married to a black woman. The statement said: "They (the CEO and his wife) have two beautiful children and have dealt with racism often in their lives. It simply will not be tolerated by any of us here at KHP."
According to The Blaze, Wright said she was uncertain why Colbert sent the offensive message. However, she admitted that as editor of the conservativeblackchick, she receives offensive and "racist" messages on Twitter regularly. She said: "From progressives who so-called preach tolerance…there is not a day or minute goes by in my Twitter feed that someone doesn't call me an Uncle Tom, an Aunt Tom."
She expressed her approval of KHP's decision to terminate their contract with Colbert.
A spokesman of KHP told The Blaze: "... we were so disgusted with the situation that we didn't want any traces of his name or book on our site to be found. We were hurt that someone would start such a horrible fire, then lock his account so that it all went to us."
The company said that Colbert emailed an apology, but the company refused to rescind its decision to drop him.
The KHP spokesman, said: “Anyone who would stand as a representative of our company... and express such racism... well, they needed to be gone from us, right away."
Colbert explained to The Blaze that his tweet was prompted by anti-gay comments Wright made. The author said: "As a gay man, I found the idea of one minority group supportive of denying the rights of another minority group hypocritical. The fact she is a very vocal supporter of a political party whose track record on minority rights abysmal also hypocritical — hence my Uncle Tom comment."
He said that after he deleted the tweet, which he described as "over the top" and "unwarranted," he received more than 200 "hate tweets" and death threats from Twitter users. He said: "I realized my mistake and deleted the tweet almost immediately. Since then I’ve been labeled a racist (which is absolutely absurd — especially to those who know me), had my life threatened, called far worse than anything I said and still continue to get hate tweets. I've had to protect my Twitter account, change my phone number, change my email and somehow I’m the bully?"
Public perception of the 'black GOP conservative'
Wright's comment that "there is not a day or minute goes by in my Twitter feed that someone doesn't call me an Uncle Tom, an Aunt Tom," reflects the hostility that blacks who identify as conservative face. Most liberals are unable to comprehend how any black person would identify with the GOP, a political party often accused of promoting racism against blacks. Black conservatives, therefore, often find themselves attacked with slurs such as "Uncle/Aunt Tom," "Aunt Jemima," "Oreo," etc, mostly by other blacks who see them as "sellouts" or "traitors."
Wright, aware of hostile environment to black conservatives, introduces her Twitter account with the self-conscious statement:
"I'm a black, conservative woman. Deal with it!"
A response expresses the general bewilderment that self-identification as a "black GOP conservative" provokes:
Geno Richardson
I saw on twitter a chick that called her a GOP Black girl. Are you r*t**d*d? The GOP don't give a f**k about you and our kind."