A Joe Biden reality show? There's a petition for that

Posted Jan 5, 2013 by Emma Burge
With all of the petitions recently hitting the White House such as requesting for Westboro Baptist Church to be deemed a hate group and for the secession of Texas, there have been some pretty crazy petitions as well.
Vice President Joe Biden.
Vice President Joe Biden.
World Economic Forum
A petition on titled "authorize the production of a recurring television program featuring Vice President Joe Biden", has garnered over a thousand signatures within only one day of being created. Now this program wouldn't be the level of quality of shows such as Breaking Amish or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo; the creator of this petition is looking for something a little classier saying, "[We] urge the Obama Administration to authorize the production of a recurring C-SPAN television program featuring the daily activities and interactions of the Vice President with elected officials, foreign dignitaries and everyday American families. Such a program would educate the American public about the duties and responsibilities of their Vice President, while providing a glimpse of the lighthearted side of politics even in the midst of contentious and divisive national debates."
Even though this petition still needs almost 24,000 more signatures within the next month to get answered by the White House, some people have already had some fun with the possibilities of this unlikely program by coming up with various show ideas such as Joe Biden: Ghost Hunter and Diamond Joe's Congressional Makeover.