Japan's most surprising and downright bizarre jobs

Posted Jan 4, 2013 by Can Tran
With the case of Japan, it is the one country that seemingly has a near infinite number of jobs that can be deemed very odd to very downright bizarre.
Kyoto  Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Marc Veraart
There are many types of jobs that one can do in their entire lifetime. You may think there are plenty of jobs out there are are pretty odd and unusual. However, in the case of Japan, there are a bunch of job positions that simply take the whole cake. The Asian news media site called RocketNews24 talks about some of the most unusual to downright bizarre jobs you can possibly land yourself if you are in Japan. While bizarre, there seem to be plenty of people taking them due to low graduate employment rates. Also, there are plenty of these bizarre jobs in Japan to apply for. If you're strapped for cash and have problems finding a job, in the case of Japan, perhaps the bizarre jobs are the way to go. Apparently, there are plenty of odd jobs to choose from.
In the RocketNews24 article, three of the bizarre jobs are listed. The first one is perhaps the most odd and bizarre. Under this first job listening, an adult video (AV) aka porn company is seeking an actor for its latest movie. However, there are specifics for this movie. First, they are looking for a male which shouldn't be that hard to find. Keep in mind, you have to be at legal adult to do such films. The company's not just looking for a male actor, the actor has to be under 5'3 and have the face of a child. In short, they're looking for any adult male actor who still looks like a kid. If you're in Japan and fit that role, you're pretty much a shoe-in for the part in the flick.
The other two are not so bizarre; but, they are still pretty odd nonetheless. The second job seems to be easygoing. Under this job, you simply watch balloons in the sky. However, you watch specific balloons with advertisements. Your job is to make sure that they are properly inflated and are in good order. While odd, this can become one of the most relaxing jobs out there provided you are not dealing with rain, wind, and so forth.
The third job listed could be for those that have a keen interest in acting. This job is odd but can be considered depressing depending on how you look at it. If you take up this job, you will be attending a bunch of weddings. Also, think of the free food you'd be getting along with making money at the same time.
One can ask: What odd job is associated with a wedding?
In terms of weddings, you have to hire a DJ, caterers, and so forth. How about fake wedding guests? Apparently in Japan, you can get a job as a fake wedding guest. You, working as a fake wedding guest, will attend the ceremony and liven up the mood. Also, it makes it appear that the wedding ceremony has plenty of guests that are attending. As long as you know how to talk, mind your manners, and be knowledgeable of marriage society, you have a good chance of getting hired. For those that are able to act the part, this job is for you.
However, these are just some of the bizarre jobs out there in Japan. RocketNews24, back in late September, reported on Soineya; a special “cuddle cafe.” If you are a young attractive female, you can get a job there. For the patrons, they can pay money to sleep in the arms of a beautiful girl with no stipulations. There is no sex involved; you simply sleep and cuddle with a girl. However, you have to pay a cover charge for entry and an hourly fee for each hour you sleep in the girl's arms. Apparently, you can make about $45 an hour.
In a December 2 article on RocketNews24, it was reported of a rent-a-boyfriend dispatch service. If you're an attractive guy, you can rent yourself as a boyfriend for the night.
These are examples of the many odd and very bizarre jobs available in Japan. If you live in Japan and have problems finding work, these odd jobs may be tempting.