Video: 'Love Live! School Idol Project' preview trailer

Posted Jan 2, 2013 by Can Tran
Before its first airing on January 6, a new preview video has been released for the upcoming series "Love Live! School Idol Project."
A Valentine s Day poster of  Love Live! School Idol Project.
A Valentine's Day poster of "Love Live! School Idol Project."
The second preview trailer has been released for the upcoming Japanese anime series called “Love Live! School Idol Project” which is due to air nationwide across Japan in a couple of days. This comes off as an anime series that seems appealing to the younger female demographic of viewers; at the same time, this is pretty much something that can be appealing to the general high school demographic. While this is going to air in Japan, this may be available in North American with English subtitles on certain online sites.
This anime's setting takes place at Otonokizaka High School which is on the border of three areas of Tokyo: the pop-culture Eden known as the Akihabara District, the socially conservative Kanda area, and the sophisticated Jinbo area. One would assume that Otonokizaka High School would end up having a lot of students let alone students that get into a cultural clash with each other; but, it is completely the opposite. With a continuously decreased enrollment of students, Otonokizaka High School is in danger of getting shut down.
To prevent the school from getting closed, a group of female high school students band together and form their pop idol group and become a nationwide sensation. They plan to use the new fame to promote the school to increase enrollment. While the plan is simple, they soon learn that execution is by no means easy. They learn that their goal will be difficult to achieve.
Love Live! School Idol Project will air on January 6.