OpenDrive getting piece of $1.3 billion cloud storage market

Posted Jan 2, 2013 by Andrew Moran
If there was one growing trend that came to fruition in 2012, it was that hard drives are starting to become become obsolete.
As more and more businesses, students and individuals turn to the cloud for storage; Internet and tech companies are adapting to the market and becoming online storage experts.
According to a study by HIS iSuppli Research, the number of subscribers in the personal cloud storage market is set to nearly triple within the next five years. To put the growing market into context: there are at least 623 million subscribers as of 2013 and the market is projected to reach $1.3 billion by 2017.
“In an environment where mobile devices like smartphones and media tablets handle broadband data on a near-ceaseless basis, businesses are realizing the importance of cloud services in allowing consumers to manage, store and sync content across their devices,” said Jagdish Rebello, Ph.D., director for consumer and communications at IHS, in a press release.
“And with companies casting about for new viable business models in order to monetize data traffic, cloud-based services could help lead firms into the next revolution of the wireless industry—or at least remain pertinent in the new mobile broadband paradigm. However, providing cloud services is not profitable as a standalone service, challenging companies to identify value-added services that could generate revenue.”
One company, which originally started out as a virtual drive more than four years ago, is OpenDrive, a multi-platform source for online storage, cloud content management, back-up and an integration of apps, storage and services, like social networks and project management.
Founded by Oskar Duris and Rory Spangler, the OpenDrive software permits users to share, sync, edit, collaborate and other functions for files and folders in order to make cloud content quicker, more enhanced and easier to utilize. OpenDrive as well as just cloud computing in itself are purposeful for a large music library or a gigantic folder of photographs, for instance. notes that OpenDrive establishes a virtual file system that can be accessed by any computer, such as Windows or Mac, or smartphone, including Android and the iPhone. The news outlet also notes that it is different from other standard cloud storage outlets. One distinguishing factor is that OpenDrive maintains a source of files in the cloud that can, again, be accessed anywhere, while standard cloud storages creating multiple copies.
It has more than one million users and is used by approximately 20,000 businesses across the globe. In the latter part of 2010, the company transferred its operations to an N+1 maximum-security data center in Silicon Valley.
Although the software has received some negative reviews on in the past few months, it has been awarded with numerous honors, distinctions and awards. OpenDrive was given the TopTenReview’s Silver Award in 2011 and in 2012 and was awarded The Excellence Award in 2011. OpenDrive was also provided with the Brothersoft Editor’s Choice and Soft82’s Five-Star Award.
One of the main features that OpenDrive has been lauded for is its security apparatus. writes:
“The service employs stringent security measures to safeguard client data. The service requires authentication to access files and gives you complete administrative control over your files. You can control who accesses what files and monitor all activity on your account. OpenDrive also employs SSL encryption on every file upload and download.”
When it comes to prices, it offers pretty much what other companies do. Monthly fees range between $5 and $25 per month (or between $50 and $250 per year) with GB storage, bandwith, users access and other factors varying with each plan.