Freezing rain causes 21-vehicle pileup in Oklahoma

Posted Dec 25, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Highway officials in Oklahoma have re-opened Interstate 40 in downtown Oklahoma City after a 21 vehicle pileup at the intersection with Interstate 35.
Winter in Oklahoma
Winter in Oklahoma
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According to USA Today, overnight freezing rain in advance of a snowstorm caused the highway to become slick, and a semi-trailer ended up jackknifing on a bridge over the Oklahoma River.
According to KJRH, Betsy Randolph, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper, said that the pileup occurred around 3 a.m., Tuesday. She said that cars started to slam into the semi and then other semis slid into them.
According to KSHB, at least 12 people were injured but none of the injuries were considered life threatening.
The storm that struck Oklahoma is spreading east throughout Christmas Day, and it may bring tornadoes with it when it strikes parts of the southeast.